the Original Fo’c’s’le Firkins

The Fo’c’s’le Firkins,  formed in Perth as a 10 man team for the 1985 National Folk Festival, are Western Australia's oldest purely acapella Shanty Group. In 2013, after many lineup changes, the original line-up reunited for a one-off charity concert for Little Folk that was completely sold out. The popular original Fo’c’s’le Firkins reformed and have since performed at many more concerts, folk clubs and festivals over the past decade. The global shanty renaissance phenomenon in recent years has created an abundance of great shanty groups throughout the world, including Western Australia, and the Fo’c’s’le Firkins are proud to have been a part of this ongoing folk tradition for nearly 40 years. This year, they will be showcasing their latest CD, recorded from a live gig at the Fremantle Navy Club on 23 October 2021 for the Sirens, the female fan club of the Fremantle Football Club.

Perth, WA