Robert Zielinski

Rob started playing the fiddle when he was eight years old in Perth, Western Australia, learning to play by ear from Irish fiddle players Sean Doherty (Co Mayo) and Mick Doherty (Co Donegal). Mick came from a long line of travelling fiddle players, storytellers and tinsmiths from Donegal and was an inspiration and great friend for over 25 years. At seventeen Sean Doherty encouraged Rob to visit Ireland where he subsequently spent the following fourteen years on the West Coast, immersing himself in the music of the older generation. He also taught music for three years at the Galway School of Traditional Irish Music and has continued to teach ever since. In 2012, with the support of The Nation Library of Australia, Rob and Mick Doherty released Out West, a collection of old and rare versions of tunes from Mick's family including many settings from Mick's father Hughie Doherty and Mick's grandfather Mickey Mor. He is currently very interested in pursuing his own compositions including the hour long Torbay Suite. A descriptive piece about the Torbay inlet in Western Australias remote south coast.