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Welcome to Albany

Welcome to the second Albany International Folk’n Shanty Festival.  Held in the historic maritime town of Albany, Western Australia, the Festival will bring together folk, maritime and shanty singers from across Australia and the globe for the Easter long weekend, 10-12 April, 2020.


The Festival is completely free to attend.  


The purpose of the event is to celebrate international maritime folk music and history. We also recognise the huge health benefits of singing and will be raising money for Albany Community Hospice and The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation.


Folk and Shanty music is participative so you will hear people joining in with familiar songs and see collaboration between groups of musicians. There will also be workshops and talks to help people who want start their own groups.


Shanty singing has become a massive phenomenon in Europe and North America with huge festivals attended by tens of thousands of people. The reason is simple. It’s easy, fun and makes you feel good.


We hope that you come to Albany and enjoy the music and the beautiful south coast of WA.

Barcelona, Spain
El Pony Pisador

El Pony Pisador is a five-piece group from Barcelona that mixes folk and traditional music from all over the world in perfect balance between virtuosity and a sense of humour.
In their live shows, El Pony Pisador will bring you joy by effortlessly playing super fast tunes and singing tight vocal harmonies while making jokes and making everyone have a great time.
This 2020 they are introducing a show that can reach more than 2 hours. Every concert is unique, as they never repeat a set list.

Albany, WA
The Albany Shantymen

Hailing from a folk tradition with an unbroken line of heritage, The Albany Shantymen sing loud and hard like the sailors of old. A rowdy bunch of fourteen Albany men, we come together to pay homage to the merchant sailors with rhythmic choruses and rousing solos to stir the blood and soothe the soul. Our repertoire of songs comes from all parts of the globe, wherever man has harnessed the wind with rope and old canvas.

Fremantle, WA
The Lost Quays

The Lost Quays are Shanty Band based in Fremantle, WA, dedicated to performing shanties and songs of the sea. These range from traditional work songs (Shanties) from the times of sail and steam, to original and current material.
We mostly perform a cappella (unaccompanied), but do sometimes include instruments such as drum, guitar, mandolin and accordion. Our repertoire is presented with gusto, good humour, and occasional mischief. There’s a fair bit of energy around and we relish a good connection with the audience. Typically, there is a lead voice (the ‘shantyman’) and the rest of the crew come in with the
chorus, which is often simple and easy to learn, making them ideal for audience participation. We often give intros to the songs and the shanty tradition that reveal interesting insights into seafaring history, and is appreciated by the audience.
The Lost Quays are regular performers at Fairbridge and Nannup music festivals, and toured Europe and the UK in 2018. We also host a monthly informal Shanty Club at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle where members of the audience contribute by singing a song they have brought – teaching everybody the chorus.

Perth, WA
The Original Foc’s’le Firkins

The original WA Shanty Singers, the highly talented Fo’c’sle Firkins will be appearing at the festival once more. These are the blokes that are responsible for inspiring a new generation of shanty singers in WA!

Sydney, NSW
Forty Degrees South

Formed in 1988, Forty Degrees South have 30 years of robust singing under their belts. First known as The Roaring Forties, in 2018 they became Forty Degrees South (40°S or “forties” for short).

Powerful individual singers the group has a formidable repertoire of traditional and trad-style contemporary songs. They have a lengthy list of themes: sea shanties, whaling songs, forebitters, work songs, mining songs, union songs, bush songs, songs of Australian history, protest songs, humorous songs, god-bothering songs, drinking songs – you name it!

They are regulars on the Australian folk festival circuit and have toured in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

The Forties are always reinventing themselves, but some things remain constant – the enjoyment they get from singing harmonies and encouraging audience participation.

Melbourne, VIC
Shantily Clad

Formed by a bunch of mates with a mutual love of singing and drinking, Melbourne sea shanty group, Shantily Clad sing songs that’ll put the wind in your sails.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Shantily Clad’s first performance was an impromptu sea shanty singalong on a cold winters night after a fine meal and too many drinks at The Albion Hotel in Albury New South Wales.

Hobart, TAS
Stuns’l Booms
Stuns’l Booms (who’s name is taken from a line in the song ‘Rollin’ Down to Old Maui’) is a nautical themed folk group from Tasmania. Since the group’s inception in early 2019, they’ve played at the Albany International Folk ‘n’ Shanty Festival, The Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival, Kiama Folk by the Sea and HOBOFOPO. A merry band who sing traditional songs with a splash of accordion, mandolin, tin-whistle and guitar. 
Australind, WA
The Anchormen

Men’s sea shanty singing group based in the South West of Western Australia. If you like drinking beer and singing loudly you may like the Anchormen.

Albany, WA
The Shantylillies

The Shantylillies are Albany’s all-female shanty singers. The group started up late in 2018, singing shanties and songs of the sea from around the world. The ladies perform regularly in downtown Albany, and also host a monthly Folk and Shanty night at King River. From crooning lullabies to rousing choruses with a few originals, you can expect an eclectic mix of maritime music and a lot of fun!

Perth, WA
Overboard No-Stars

Overboard No-Stars are a Shanty group based in Perth, Western Australia.

Katanning, WA
Kat n’ Nine Crew

Formed just last year on the sun baked plains of landlocked Katanning, they are possibly the most landlubbery sea shanty group in the world.

Perth, WA
The She Shants

The She Shants searched the archives for shanties written by and for women. We found a few, meddled with others and made up the rest!

Geraldton, WA
Rum Jungle

The name Rum Jungle conjures up visions of a tropical rain forest full of feisty pirates fighting over the latest treasure haul whilst a nearby rum still bubbles away. However, in Geraldton, Rum Jungle is a sometimes muddy, usually dusty wasteland where local bogans go to drink Bundy and coke, do burnouts and set fire to stuff. This group of shanty folk lies somewhere in-between …


Albany, WA
Rob Zielinski

Rob Zielinski was born in Perth WA from a long line of travelling fiddle players, storytellers and tin smiths from Donegal.

At age 17 he moved to the west coast of Ireland, immersing himself in the musical tradition. He taught at the Galway School of Traditional Irish Music and won Ireland’s Michael Coleman Traditional Fiddle Player of the Year Award. He has toured in the USA, Europe and across Australia.

 Albany, WA
Simone Keane and Ellie Honeybone

Prolific singer/songwriter Simone Keane forges a creative connection with elegant violinist Ellie Honeybone, performing songs inspired by Celtic mythology, oceanic vistas, karri woodlands and burgeoning love. Honeybone’s Celtic folk roots violin interweaves harmoniously with Keane’s rich, sensual vocals creating an elixir smooth as burnished bronze. The Great Southern duo pays homage to folk artists from a bygone era including Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris and Neil Young.
Cast away your cares as this delightful duo charms your spirit and soothes your soul.

Albany, WA
Jo Fowler

Jo Fowler is a flute player inspired by nature and the beauty of the Great Southern who weaves together melodies and dances learned from people he has met and places he has been. A life long affair with the most ancient and mystical of musical instruments.

Albany, WA
Andy Davis

Andy grew up under a rock with a pack a festering dingoes after a wayward experience from a Scottish pram, the incessant thirst for Scottish ale and Guinness, guided this feral back to dark depths of Fife and Angus Pubs.

He has been occasionally let out to spread the sound of Scottish folk music, before returning to finish out his sentence in depravity. He has come out of retirement to bring an injection of Scottish whimsy to this festival in his adopted homeland of Albania

Albany, WA
Black Ambience
Bayden Redshaw and Owen Cahill formed Black Ambience in mid 2019 when they reunited in the Albany Light Opera Production Albany’s Got Talent after years spent on different paths. They are a relatively new and fresh group but they have years of experience between the both of them. Their style of music spans multiple genres and styles. They perform covers and originals. 
Albany, WA
Lee Shore

Lee Shore does traditional ballads in the folk style of the 60s and 70s, and more contemporary songs by some of the great singer songwriters.

Albany, WA

Harmonix are a harmonising acoustic four piece consisting of Julia Lever, Sandy Bishop, Marty Cowie and Simon Woodward. They cover songs all the way from the Sixties to more contemporary tunes mixed with original songs.

Some of the artists they cover include Simon and Garfunkel, Paolo Nutini, The Waifs, Paul Kelly, Mumford and Sons, Talking Head, Crowded House, Vance joy, Fat Freddy’s Drop and even (wait for it) Lady Gaga.

They have played and performed in various bands around the Albany music scene for close to thirty years, including Silverbeat, Mixed bag, Look Out for Trains, One Drop, The Bogans of Democracy and now, Harmonix.


Albany, WA
Eulalie Jain

Eulalie Jain are a recently formed folk duo with combined singing experience of over 100 years! Be entertained by their dulcet tones and enjoy traditional and modern folk songs in acapella harmony

Albany, WA

Madeline Winton and Steve Bergmann entertain with a folktastic sampler of favourite australian and anglo-celtic, songs and tunes, on flutes, concertina, mandolin and guitar.  Join in the ‘Shenanigans’.